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FIFA 15 Tutorials – Corners

EA Sports have released their latest tutorial video for FIFA 15 and this one explains to players how to improve their ability from corners.

In FIFA 15 set-pieces are absolutely vital, keepers are more liable than ever to parry shots behind so you need to make sure you’re as good from corners as possible.

The first part of the video is split into sections regarding the different types of corner you can choose to utilise, with the first of these being the driven corner.

The driven corner is executed by holding L1/LB as you take the corner and up on the left analog stick which should send the ball in nice and early, surprising your opponent.

The wide corner is best used by aiming outside of the box and using around three bars of power which should find a man on the edge of the area who should have time to take a shot himself.

Using a short corner – press LT/L2 – presents you with the option of playing the ball in with an early cross (L1/LT plus square), play a short pass to a team-mate on the edge of the box or dribble the ball into the box yourself.

A new feature in this year’s edition of the game is the switch to receiver option which is activated by flicking the right analog stick.

This new feature allows you to control the player who will receive the ball, jostling for position before asking the computer to send the ball in.

Set plays are important in this year’s game with the option to send your players to the near post, far post, out to the edge of the box or to crowd the keeper.

Finally when it comes to the defending player the recommendation is to use the tallest player on your team to mark the obvious receiver and then use the circle/B button to clear the ball, never try and pass your way out of the box unless you’re particularly adventurous or possibly David Luiz.