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Runescape Players are Helping to Save WilD Cats

Through a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, RuneScape players can currently participate in in-game events that help to support big cats in the wild.

RuneScape’s 200 million players can participate in Adopt a Big Cat activities within the MMO, which give them the chance to adopt exclusive companion cubs based on four big cats (jaguar, tiger, lion, and snow leopard) along with titles for their characters. Additionally, players can donate RuneScape bonds, with proceeds going to the WWF to support their conservation efforts.

So far the project has raised some 66,000 pound(roughly $103,000 USD). If you’re a player of either RuneScape or Old School RuneScape, you can participate by seeking out an in-game character called Conservationist Rohit Sharma.

It’s great timing for the event: International Tiger Day was celebrated yesterday, and with the unfortunate passing of Cecil the Lion making headlines, gamers may be especially keen to help raise awareness of the plight of cats in the wild. Runescape’s in-game event lasts until tomorrow July 31.  Runescape Gold Online sale

A Handy Way To Gear Up Quickly In World of Warcraft

Gearing up got way easier after Warlords of Draenor’s 6.2 patch added Apexis Crystals: If you collect enough crystals you can gear up your character without any effort in pretty strong item level 695 gear. But there’s a relatively easy way to push things to item level 700.

Bellular Gaming’s beautifully edited short clip shows the trick. It’s not rocket science, more like something people might overlook easily. There’s also no need to queue up for raids, it only involves an item called Champion’s Honor, the Auction House and the Ask Mr.

Basically, you’re looking for Champion’s Honor badges on the Auction House and using those will get you free PvP Conquest Points and Conquest gear. Since stats on PvP Conquest gear are not randomly generated, like in PvE, you can easily find the necessary upgrades with the Ask Mr. Robot add-on. On my realm Champion’s Honor goes for around 7-12k gold per item so they’re indeed really cheap (soloing one or two older Cataclysm raids will net you more) compared to other methods.

If you’re worried about PvP items, and wearing them for PvE, you don’t have to. There’s not much difference between PvE and PvP gear in Warlords of Draenor. You probably won’t be invited to serious raid groups but item level 700 gear is good enough to stomp through the current top raid Hellfire Citadel on at least Normal difficulty.-Buy wow gold cheaper

The Art of World of Warcraft now available in the UK

A short while ago we did a small article on a new book from Blizzard called The Art of World of Warcraft. Published by Egmont, the book showcases a visual journey into the history of Blizzard’s mammoth gaming world. It features interviews with key developers and goes on to cover the complete story of World of Warcraft’s artistic evolution and shows the journey through conception to realisation that gives World of Warcraft it’s unique artistic style.

The book also covers a collection of never before seen concept art from the current expansion in the Warcraft universe, Warlords of Draenor. It’s a fantastic addition to the collection for any World of Warcraft hardcore fan and is available to buy on Amazon.

Not only does the book evoke fond memories of places visited and times spent in the game but offers the reader new ways of looking at places they have seen before in the form of concept drawings and sketches. It doesn’t just appeal to Warcraft fans either, if you’re into fantasy art then it offers some of the finest examples around at the moment.-Cheap wow gold online

World of Warcraft Mercenary PvP Mode-New Details and Patch Features

There are a lot of World of Warcraft fans out there and in case you are one of them, then we’re pretty sure that you will enjoy reading this article. According to some reports, Blizzards has already announced their brand new Mercenary Mode that will be released on World of Warcraft unranked PvP matches, to allow gamers to play for the enemy faction.

This new Mercenary Mode will be added to an upcoming patch, but is not yet know when this will happen. It seems that the new Mercenary PvP mode will allow the players that have big waiting time periods to fight for the other side as a mercenary.

According to Blizzard, they will add this feature that will allow players to act as mercenaries and to be part of the opposite faction in Player vs. Player. The developers said that whenever you have a big waiting time to get in Ashran or any unrated Battleground, some agents of the enemy faction will appear in your base in Stormshield if you are from Alliance faction or Warspear if you are from Horde faction. By interacting with these agents, you will be able to enter Ashran and unrated Battlegrounds and fight as the opposite faction.

Unfortunately, you will not get any bonus rewards for winning or losing a game that you’ve played against your faction. With other words, you will gain exactly the same rewards that you would’ve gained while playing for your faction.

At the same time, after joining a PvP game in Ashran or Battleground in the opposite faction, your character’s looks will be similar as the faction you are playing for.

This new Mercenary PvP mode will surely be enjoyed by a lot of players who don’t want to wait too long in order to join Ashran or an unrated Battleground. This is great for servers where there are too many players in a faction and too few in the other faction.-Cheap wow gold online

Runescape now has a 10-player raid

Old man Runescape just refuses to confine itself to a comfy rocking chair—pipe on feet, and gently puffing at a pair of slippers. No, instead the 14-year-old MMO has just introduced raids. Well, a raid.

It’s a 10-player affair, and will require players to travel to the new planet of Mazcab to do battle with the minions of Tuska. Who’s Tuska? A world devourer, it turns out, who was defeated as part of a recent world event.

There will, of course, be new rewards—including new armour and combat abilities.

The new world also features a PvP minigame, a procedurally generated forest, and a bunch of mini-quests for the planet’s inhabitants. The ones that don’t want to eat whole planets, that is.

Raids are a members-only affair, and so not available to the game’s free-to-players.-Runescape Online

World Of Warcraft PlayStation 4 Mod Looks Fierce

While Blizzard’s Diablo 3 is pretty much the only game from the company that you can play on console at the moment, it has not stopped fans of the company from creating console mods to show their love for Blizzard’s other franchises. Recently the folks at Jriquelme Mods were commissioned to create a World of Warcraft themed mod for the PlayStation 4 and boy does it look good.

As you can see in the photos, this PS4 mod looks very, very fierce. It has obviously been commissioned by a player of the Horde faction given the logo placed on the console. It has also been themed to look like Orgrimmar, the main capital city for the Horde, thanks to the use wood, iron, spikes, and chains, all of which have been incorporated into the design.

Now we’re not sure how the mod might have affected the cooling system of the PS4, but presumably that has been taken into account (we hope), but other than that it looks pretty awesome. Like we said this is a commissioned piece so if you wanted something similar, you’d have to get one commissioned yourself since there won’t be other units available for sale.

If you’d like to get one done for your console, whether it be a Warcraft-themed console or maybe something entirely different, head on over to Jriquelme Mods’ Facebook page to get in touch with them.-wow PS4 online

First Look At World Of Warcraft Film From The Back Of A Gryphon

It’s not a trailer per se, but it does offer a look at the World of Warcraft movie’s visual direction in a novel way.

To see it, you will need to grab Legendary’s VR smartphone app, and then within the app, you can download The Skies of Azeroth experience. Ideally, you will want a contraption that places your phone a few inches in front of your eyes and allows your phone to move with your head like a headset. Without it though, you can do like I did and hold the phone a few inches in front of your face and move your phone with your head manually.

The “experience” is brief and has you looking down on crowded fantasy city form the back of a Gryphon. As you fly you can see other Gryphons with passengers flying around you.

The World of Warcraft film has completed filming and will be in theatres summer, 2016.-Buy cheap wow gold

‘World of Warcraft’ Movie Will See First Glimpse at Comic-Con 2015

ComicCon 2015 just could not get any better especially for “World of Warcraft” fans. The four-day convention at San Diego, California happening this week will finally see the premiere of the highly anticipated epic fantasy movie based on the most popular multiplayer online role-playing game.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Legendary Pictures confirms that the online game-inspired movie, shortened to “Warcraft,” will finally unveil its first look during ComicCon 2015. The “World of Warcraft” panel will have their day on the spotlight on July 11, much to the excitement of loyal players of the game.

The film basically narrates the story of the Alliance and the Hordes and their conflict similar to the premise of the online game. Set in the world of Azeroth, the film will also see the interaction between the human and the Orcs.

Directed by Duncan Jones of “Source Codes,” the film shall feature household characters from the hit online game such as Durotan, Lothar, and Garona. The film adaptation of the popular online game was already announced way back in 2006 but took almost a decade before it was finalized due to seeming endless negotiation between Legendary Pictures and game developer Blizzard Entertainment.

“Warcraft” will see actors Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster, and Paula Patton portray Stormwind King Llyn Wrynn, Warrior Durotan, Anduin Lothar, Medivh, and Garona, respectively. Patton will play half-orc Garona through motion capture technique. Rumor has it that character Leeroy Jenkins might have a cameo in the movie as he was written in the film’s first draft. Legendary Pictures is still keeping mum on which star is to grace ComicCon to answer fan questions and deliver possible spoilers for the film.-Cheap wow gold online sale

Fun in the sun as the RuneScape summer getaway touches down

RuneScape–today launched new content which has turned the desolate Lumbridge Crater into a holiday retreat for players to relax in this summer.

Although previously the battlefield of two gods, the RuneScape community has been working to turn the Lumbridge Crater into a little piece of paradise, just in time for summer. There are number of summer-themed activities to get involved with, including: sandcastle building, rock pool fishing, beach grills and even a coconut shy. Each activity rewards players with skill-based XP as well as a number of summer emotes and cosmetic items.

Not all the locals are friendly though as every hour a giant beach boss monster, named ‘Clawdia’ by the players, turns up to kick sand in their collective faces. Defeating her quickly will provide players with the best loot including ice creams and cooling cocktails.

Finally, if you’ve missed out on festival tickets this year, then RuneScape has you covered. The development team will be making guest appearances on a stage that will magically appear in the area. Their arrival will also herald happy hours which will gift increased XP for all beach events and activities.-RuneScape gold online

FIFA 15 Barcelona and Real Madrid Stats Revealed –

The development team at EA Sports has not yet offered any official look at the ratings for players in FIFA 16 but it seems that, at least for the moment, Lionel Messi is considered to be a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo, with a rating of 94 to 93.

The information comes from an Italian site that talks about a recent event in Madrid during which information about the teams for both Barcelona and Real Madrid was offered.

The source is a little sketchy, and that means that fans of the series should probably take them with a pinch of salt.

Even if the data is real, it is very probable that EA Sports will continue to evaluate players and to revise it before the FIFA 16 experience is launched. See More at: