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After Warlords Of Draenor, Fan Reactions To World Of Warcraft

Blizzard are often masterful in their campaigns for World of Warcraft expansions. This MMO has been out in the public domain since 2004, and somehow it manages to hold millions of players every year. It’s extraordinary. It’s also fascinating to watch Blizzard’s marketing campaigns for each expansion and how they tailor them to the desires of fans.

For instance the last expansion, Warlords of Draenor, was said to be a return to form, or at least a departure from what constituted the most recent releases in the WoW series. Blizzard cited The Burning Crusades as a reference point for what Warlords of Draenor would be like. While this had old fans terribly excited, the title failed to live up to expectations. Naturally, this has some fans worried about the albeit awesome-looking World of Warcraft: Legion.

While Warlords of Draenor enjoyed high praise from critics, the fanbase of World of Warcraft were mixed with their responses. Some really enjoyed how the expansion deviated from the likes of Pandaria and Catalyst, others saw it as their chance to escape from World of Warcraft for good.

These two quotes are just a glimpse into some of the opinions you’ll find on Metacritic. Warlords of Draenor has commendable aspects in my opinion, and I am indeed looking forward to seeing if Blizzard can achieve greatness with Legion. But I, like many fans out there, am cautiously optimistic for the next WoW expansion.

How do you feel about World of Warcraft these days? Have you been a fan of this MMO for years? Are you still waiting with bated breath for every expansion?  buy cheap wow gold

Gmpacks FIFA 16 free mega packs with Christmas Day prediction is one of the best in-game currency & items supplier, game article and guide will be updated everyday. Gmpacks EA has just sent out a wonderful surprise for Christmas. The developer has to put up with an unprecedented amount of abuse on Twitter from UK delinquents, but now we can see that social media trolls have been left utterly speechless with two FIFA 16 free mega packs waiting for every player in the store.

These are the 35,000 packs that you would usually have to pay for, offering a selection of rare players and consumables. With two of them available absolutely free, it’s a great opportunity to boost your squad count for tournament eligibility and of course get those rare players if you are lucky.

We just opened those packs on our account and received next to nothing in one pack, but Cavani, Oscar and Hulk in the other pack so it really depends on your luck.

We can also see that some players have even managed to get ultra rare players in these two free packs such as in-form Ozil and Benzema who are currently highlighted in TOTW 15.

Open your packs now and let us know what you received from Day 15 of the 16 Days of FIFA event-did you get any rare players? What do you think EA will hand out for the FIFA 16 16th Day gift on Christmas Day?

What Does the Decline of World of Warcraft Mean for Activision Blizzard?

Activision Blizzard shares currently trade at all-time highs, but the decline of one of its biggest games presents a notable counterweight to stellar financial and stock performance. World of Warcraft, the groundbreaking online experience that revolutionized massively multiplayer online gaming, is down to approximately 5.5 million subscribers, and a significant resurgence under the game’s subscription-based model seems unlikely.

Activision will no longer report subscription numbers for the decade-old title, and the recent move to acquire King Digital suggests an effort to maintain online gaming strength through other channels.

What does the decline of WoW mean for Activision Blizzard in light of the King Digital acquisition? And how will the weakening of one of the company’s most important properties affect its position relative to competitors such as Electronic Arts?

Few games will ever match World of Warcraft in terms of longevity and industry impact. Released in 2004, the title redefined the MMORPG genre and became the highest-grossing game of all time. At the peak of the game’s popularity in 2010, Warcraft had over 12 million subscribers.    buy cheap wow gold

FIFA 16: Best Times to Buy Packs

Fifa 16 xbox coins  It is impossible to talk about the best times to buy packs without referring to Happy Hours.

There are several misunderstandings about what Happy Hour is and how it works. Some players insist to say that Happy Hour is a period of one hour in which the chances of getting better cards are higher. This is not absolutely true. We will try to clarify this to those people.

A happy hour is a period of time with promo packs available in the store. It may be just one hour but it may also be a full day or even a weekend. Besides the regular packs, during happy hours other packs also exists. They are usually more attractive than the regular ones, because they have a lower cost per rare card. The chances of getting a good card during a happy hour are exactly the same. The only difference is that, most of the times, there are cheaper packs during Happy Hours.

There are a very rare kind of HH in which the chances of getting a good card are higher. These special Happy Hours are announced as ‘2x Chances’, which means that the chances of getting an IF card during this period are two times higher than usual. However, these special Happy Hours are very rare. They only happen two or three times in a year.

There are rumours that EA uses some extreme tactics to sell more packs. People say, for example, that there are better cards inside packs paid with FIFA Points and packs bought after new IF cards being released. Both make sense. In the first one, they are promoting the buying with FIFA Points. Fresh money. In the second one, they are creating the snow ball effect of ‘if they got it, I also have good chances’. We can’t prove if they are only rumours or not but in other times it seemed to us that there were better cards in packs mentioned. The manager tasks rewards are a good example. It also makes sense since it was created for beginners, we think that all the packs have good cards inside. Anyway, the only time that we have been sure about good times to buy packs are in the Happy Hours.

FIFA 16 Patch No. 5 Out Now On PS4. Xbox One Coming Soon

The latest title update for “FIFA 16” is now available on the PlayStation 4 and will be out on the Xbox One soon. The fifth title update includes changes to penalties, passing, defensive pressure and player positioning.

“With that, we are announcing and deploying a number of changes to make FIFA 16 more balanced and responsive in gameplay. These changes are in addition to tuning to passing featured in the last update. This latest title update is now available on [PS4],” read a “FIFA 16″ blog post.

According to the blog post, changes have been made to attribute boosts in FIFA Ultimate Team.”In addition to the above, we have made minor changes to attribute boosts provided by Chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team, which affects passing, interceptions, and long shots.”

Based off of the release of the last updates, you can expect to see the PS4 update shortly while the Xbox One update should take a little longer to release. EA Sports also promises more updates for the game as “the season rolls on.”

Are you happy with the latest update? What other issues would you like to see addressed?  Fifa 16 xbox coins

Take-Two Inspired By World of Warcraft Model, GTA MMO Up Next

It has been a few years since the last installment to the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise was released. Now, fans are starting to wonder if a new installment is on its way to the market.

Several “GTA” fanatics have already started to speculate about the unveiling of the new episode of the GTA series. Adding to this speculation is the fact that game developer Rockstar has also revealed bits of information about the possibility of “Grand Theft Auto 6” launching.

Although an official announcement is far from being made, the arrival of the new GTA game is inevitable.

Game publisher Take Two Interactive would want to release a game that would captivate fans not only after its initial released but for a few years just like what is happening to the “World of Warcraft.” The game has been a big hit years after it hit on everyone’s computer, The Examiner reported.

“GTA V” was released in 2013 and the people behind the company have done a very good job in bringing in a new experience of GTA online. It’s certainly not an MMO game, but Take Two can definitely make this as one if they decide to do so.

There is still hope for fans for the unveiling of the new GTA installment. It may not happen this year but, with all the speculations, there’s a possibility that it might be released next year.

World Of Warcraft: Legion’s First Dungeon Revealed

buy cheap wow gold  The alpha test for World of Warcraft: Legion has been updated with its first dungeon, Halls of Valor. This dungeon should give remind veterans of the old Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Do you remember the vrykul, those Norse-themed warriors you fought in Northrend? Well, Halls of Valor is a fortress in the sky above Stormheim where the greatest of the vrykul warriors go after death. There’s a good reason for players to disrupt their little Valhalla, though. God-King Skovald and his forces have invaded the hall to recover a powerful artifact for the Burning Legion that will help them take over Azeroth.

There are five bosses through the Halls of Valor. In addition to fighting Skovald and his minions, players will also face down the Titan Odyn, who has fallen victim to a cursed. Blizzard also included a fight against a giant wolf in there for good measure.

The last fight looks like a lot of fun. Players are tagged with colored brands that damage them over time and they have to run to the corresponding tile on the ground to remove the effect. Doing so turns the player into a Val’kyr (ie a giant viking angel thing) for a little while and gives them a huge boost to healing and damage. You’ll need that buff because Odyn is constantly tossing Holy damage around and summoning minions.

Legion’s alpha test launched about a week ago. It’s mostly limited to friends and family of Blizzard employees. Those lucky few are able to try out small chunks of the expansion pack including the new Demon Hunter class. Blizzard will follow up on this closed alpha with a larger beta test closer to the expansion’s launch next year.

WildStar Orange Bandit Carver Mount Giveaway

Didn’t get what you wanted for Black Friday? Now’s your chance to score the awesome orange Bandit Carver mount in WildStar! You can only get this exclusive item here, so get yourself a Bandit Carver mount before supply runs out.

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