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Jedi survival, talking about Zidane’s metaphysics eating chicken Dafa

If you think of a season as a game to eat chicken game, Barcelona Real Madrid is undoubtedly from the airport, the players are killed out of pickups, three sets, full M4, full with 98K, there are countless drink computer painkillers , Do not say steady chicken, at least into the first three no problem. Now Real Madrid strode four in the flat road stride forward, did not mind the silence silently UMP9 wait for the black gun it, Barcelona actually picked up a wave of “airdrop” Kudiniao, a shot of a child, straight into the Final round.

Without this stable Mooretta muzzle compensator, the BBC team fell into a weakness in ongoing combat, C Luo as the main score point, the off-site voice, so that he was a little overwhelmed, lost in the national Derby Opportunity has become a common picture, it is clear that Real Madrid need to exchange blood.

Young Assencio but too impatient, and the team has not yet reached a consensus on the anxious usurpation, a good hand grenade to become the main weapon, Isco as the team’s lubricant has been crowded C side, in the Is FIFA 18 in the FIFA 18 player to the side by side with very few, even for some growth time, Iskar is still the T1 level of the midfielder, in the La Liga is a necessary front midfielder, it is important to note that in the FIFA 18 CAM is a very important position, this point and FIFA OL3 are very different.

Cashew midfielder can do has done, diligently running diligent, down-to-earth defense, even in the face of Barcelona, ​​he did not give the opponent too much left in the FIFA 18 Cassemi Luo is also the representative of efficient defense, 84 defensive, 86’s physical fitness, like a pan in general, ordinary but unbreakable, but after all, can only be guaranteed for a while, can not be guaranteed, if you want to use double lumbar I recommend Used with Paulinho, the speed of “violent birds” will better complement Casamirlo’s flaws.

The defense of Ramos and Marcelo, come up with their best state, but still can not stop the opponent’s offense, but has been given high expectations of Varane did not meet everyone’s expectations, injury stoppage Real Madrid defense prop up. In FIFA 18, except for the defensive technique, which has not reached 84, the rest are under 80. Necessary full backs in the UT as a La Liga, both with Ramos and Um Di Ti, can trigger chemistry reaction.

Navas is not real life Real Madrid, Frequently asked Degua, Navas how much ups and downs, Navas biggest problem is the height of the short goalkeeper will lose their feet after the age of their moving speed , And proud of the reaction, this will be completely exposed their weaknesses. In FIFA 18 still quite good to use, but in comparison other goalkeeper still does not account for any advantage, like the same players can use.

Real Madrid has reached the finals, and there is no room for retreat, and even if you can not get the league title, the King Cup and out, to defend the Champions League is also a good result. To know the Real missed the domestic double crown recently, have won the Champions League, although this is metaphysics, but Zidane is not metaphysics Master it?

Affected by the “Star Wars Frontline 2” EA third quarter loss of nearly 200 million US dollars

Affected by the “Star Wars Frontline 2” EA third quarter loss of nearly 200 million US dollars

EA today released the third quarter of fiscal year 2018 (as of December 31, 2017) earnings report, the report shows that EA third quarter net income of 1.16 billion US dollars, with the same period last year (1.149 billion US dollars) basically flat, of which 780 million The dollar was sold through digital sales, accounting for 67% of total revenue, an increase of 14% over the same period of last year; net income of boxed games was only 380 million USD, down 18% from the same period of last year.
Affected by the “Star Wars Frontline 2” EA third quarter loss of nearly 200 million US dollars

Despite the strong growth of digital channel revenue, EA’s loss in the third quarter was as much as 186 million U.S. dollars, compared with a loss of only 1 million U.S. dollars in the same period last year. The company released in the third quarter of the masterpiece “Star Wars: Front Line 2” because the booty lead to no small controversy, the sale performance is not satisfactory.
Affected by the “Star Wars Frontline 2” EA third quarter loss of nearly 200 million US dollars
EA did not disclose the specific sales figures in the earnings report, saying only that 70% of players completed the single-player campaign mode. However, Blake Jorgensen, the company’s CFO, revealed in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that the game sold 9m during the year-end holiday season, significantly lower than the company’s previous estimate of 10m and the Star Wars : Frontline “sales (13 million copies) in the first quarter after launch.
The most striking feature of the FIFA series is that by the end of 2017, the number of players in the FIFA console gaming community has risen to 42 million, while the free-to-play FIFA Mobile Edition alone added 26 million players in the third quarter, In addition, FIFA18 in September 2017 on sale until the end of this period, FIFA Ultimate Team mode of the game player base also increased by 12%.
Blake Jorgensen said, “During the fourth quarter of this fiscal year and throughout FY 2019, we will be launching games across three major game platforms across five different genres of game titles, with complete game downloads, subscriptions Number, additional content and mobile services will all increase. ”
Affected by the “Star Wars Frontline 2” EA third quarter loss of nearly 200 million US dollars
EA 2018 fiscal year sale arrangements
Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, said in a statement that “hundreds of millions of players worldwide play our games through the host, mobile and PC platforms during the holiday season, and we are also pleased that the company’s game titles are getting more and more Multi-player blitz.We will extend the company’s global reach of the top IP, the future will give players a better gaming experience. “