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Jedi survival, talking about Zidane’s metaphysics eating chicken Dafa

If you think of a season as a game to eat chicken game, Barcelona Real Madrid is undoubtedly from the airport, the players are killed out of pickups, three sets, full M4, full with 98K, there are countless drink computer painkillers , Do not say steady chicken, at least into the first three no problem. Now Real Madrid strode four in the flat road stride forward, did not mind the silence silently UMP9 wait for the black gun it, Barcelona actually picked up a wave of “airdrop” Kudiniao, a shot of a child, straight into the Final round.

Without this stable Mooretta muzzle compensator, the BBC team fell into a weakness in ongoing combat, C Luo as the main score point, the off-site voice, so that he was a little overwhelmed, lost in the national Derby Opportunity has become a common picture, it is clear that Real Madrid need to exchange blood.

Young Assencio but too impatient, and the team has not yet reached a consensus on the anxious usurpation, a good hand grenade to become the main weapon, Isco as the team’s lubricant has been crowded C side, in the Is FIFA 18 in the FIFA 18 player to the side by side with very few, even for some growth time, Iskar is still the T1 level of the midfielder, in the La Liga is a necessary front midfielder, it is important to note that in the FIFA 18 CAM is a very important position, this point and FIFA OL3 are very different.

Cashew midfielder can do has done, diligently running diligent, down-to-earth defense, even in the face of Barcelona, ​​he did not give the opponent too much left in the FIFA 18 Cassemi Luo is also the representative of efficient defense, 84 defensive, 86’s physical fitness, like a pan in general, ordinary but unbreakable, but after all, can only be guaranteed for a while, can not be guaranteed, if you want to use double lumbar I recommend Used with Paulinho, the speed of “violent birds” will better complement Casamirlo’s flaws.

The defense of Ramos and Marcelo, come up with their best state, but still can not stop the opponent’s offense, but has been given high expectations of Varane did not meet everyone’s expectations, injury stoppage Real Madrid defense prop up. In FIFA 18, except for the defensive technique, which has not reached 84, the rest are under 80. Necessary full backs in the UT as a La Liga, both with Ramos and Um Di Ti, can trigger chemistry reaction.

Navas is not real life Real Madrid, Frequently asked Degua, Navas how much ups and downs, Navas biggest problem is the height of the short goalkeeper will lose their feet after the age of their moving speed , And proud of the reaction, this will be completely exposed their weaknesses. In FIFA 18 still quite good to use, but in comparison other goalkeeper still does not account for any advantage, like the same players can use.

Real Madrid has reached the finals, and there is no room for retreat, and even if you can not get the league title, the King Cup and out, to defend the Champions League is also a good result. To know the Real missed the domestic double crown recently, have won the Champions League, although this is metaphysics, but Zidane is not metaphysics Master it?

“FIFA18” TOP10 players announced the top 40 player inventory!

EA’s ball game masterpiece “FIFA 18” is on sale on the 29th of this month. Today, EA officially announced the top 10 players in the game the value of the list. We’ve already reported players ranked 100-41 in the game before. And now, the game’s top 40 players in the value will be officially announced.

So which players are we familiar with the list and which player on the list this year to become the best? Our Ranger Network here one by one for everyone to sort out the relevant players.

The appearing words related to the player’s ability value appearing in the picture are as follows:

DRI: dribbling
· PAC / SPD: pace / speed
SHO: Shoot
DEF: Defense
PAS: pass
PHY: Physical fitness
· DIV: fighting ability (the higher the property the more extensive the scope of the rescue)
REF: Reaction ability
· HAN: Handball ability (the higher the property will not be sold out)
· KIC: Bigfoot Kickoff: The power and accuracy that affects the goalkeeper kick-off and the ability to look for a frontcourt player in counterattack.
· POS: station capacity: the higher the property, the less likely the goalkeeper to lose position.

Specific capacity of the top 40 players are as follows:

40 to 31 players:
40, Tottenham: Eriksson
39, Bayern: Vidal
38, Real Madrid: Marcelo
37, Paris: Cavani
36, Manchester United: Pogba
35, Chelsea: Canter
34, Paris: Villati
33, Bayern: Boateng
Arsenal: Ozil

Ranger network
31, Atletico Madrid: Aubulak

Bonucci: Happy FIFA18 selected the best array

Milan skipper Bonucci said he was delighted to be named FIFA 18’s Player of the Year.
Bonucci Instagram
EA recently announced the best lineup of its FIFA 18 games of the year. This year’s lineup voted for the polls, with media, players and reputable players voting for 60% of the final poll and the remaining 40% for EA.

FIFA 18 Best Team of the Year:
Goalkeeper: Degeya
Defenders: Marcelo, Ramos, Bonucci, Alves
Midfielders: Modric, Canter, Debraone
Striker: C Lo, Harry – Kane, Messi
Milan captain Bonucci sunbased on Instagram with his FIFA 18 gaming card: “I am delighted to be named on the defensive line of EA’s FIFA 18 game of the year.”
Bonucci also previously selected FIFA’s best team for 2017.

FIFA 18 Legend Puyol: Jagged lion, forever captain

In his career, he had 38 injuries, 5 fractures, and 8 bad knees. In the game, he used actual actions to explain what is called desperately. When he was on the court, he was an example for all players. When the team behind, but also always hear him shouting encouraged his teammates shouting, in order to win the team he can desperate to fight, once the need to rely on drugs to add physical ability to play, his fighting spirit, let All fans admire – he is Barcelona’s first iron man, he is also the only cosmic team in the Barcelona dynasty witness and meritorious captain. He is the jaguar king – Kars Puyol.

From the beginning to become a professional player, Puyol on more accurate and decisive fighting, defense of the fighting spirit is known. He made the right-back but made his way to becoming a world-class center-back. He has excellent physical and discipline qualifications. He is a role model for other players in the squad and is never overwhelmed by the damage his opponent attacks. He is also a left-back when the coach needs it. Although only 178cm tall, Puyol strong body so that he can compete without disadvantage, can mark his striker than he. Puyol is often involved in the offensive when the team takes the corner kick and free kick. Puyol as Barcelona and the Spanish national team defense center, tackle fierce, scraping positive, air siege ability is also very good, is the Spanish won the 2008 European Cup, Barcelona won the Triple Crown in 2009 Spain won the 10 World Cup feats One of the characters.

Here we can see through the data in the game one or two, although not tall, but as a representative of the upper back type guard in the legendary FIFA18 high with 92 overall ability, defensive total 94, in the key header, tackle , The station and other key data are more than 90, can be described most vividly reflects its defensive Jagged, tenacious brave side, and the 10 World Cup semi-final header lore the German team is the best evidence.

However, in an era of elite midfielders, his gaze has always been more focused on other honors such as Nesta, like Cannavaro. Although Puyol defensive ability such as tackling, defensive awareness, co-defensive capabilities, this is the top level, even though he also won the Champions League, attacked Real Madrid, the same dream two top crowned. But after all, a brief moment, and even being questioned as a player who also belongs to a system, but it has been selectively ignored. So, in the eyes of the world, more of the impression that he was Hedi La steals goal, he was C Lo strong eat, he was Magdalena averted. However, how many people have thought about it? At this age, I have suffered so many injuries and wounds that I have eroded a little bit of time. I was tortured by years and there was almost no intact muscle in my body. However, after each injury He was able to stand firmly in the arena, if Nesta, Maldini on behalf of a defensive elegance, then what Puyol represents is a hard work, Jagged.

I have forgotten when I first met you, I think it must be a sunny afternoon, though not in Barcelona, ​​not in the Camp Nou, just in front of the TV, but you have a deep, golden hair printed on you Your mind has long been a beautiful football landscape, where you are, where is the blonde, so many years have passed, although the years have changed your appearance, but the elegant blonde hair has never changed. In our hearts, never thought that the owner of No. 5 Nou Camp will not be the one day that blonde hair flying in the wind. Because you are Puyol, because Puyol has only one.

FIFA18 how to raise the level? Master experience tips to share

FIFA18 how to raise the level? Master experience tips to share

FIFA18 experience tips to share, in fact, FIFA18 want to enhance the strength of five main aspects of technology encountered bottlenecks friends can look at this article.

First, summarize the experience

After you have been scored by others, you have to think about how you were punctured and why you did not block it.

If you can not think, he will use the same routine has been wearing you.

Continuous summary can be improved

For example, hit the people with 41212 formation, do not pull the CB to defend, otherwise it is likely to be hit a 2 over 1

The second point. Stay mentally

Many people will be anxious to push forward after falling behind, mistakes will increase, or even doubled.

My current record of 16-4 this week, lost 4 of which 1 start off line, 2 lost to the North American second shortlog

In the winning bureau, many are coming back after the fall.

Be it ahead or behind, be patient, push forward, keep the ball right

I met a lot of people who played very well in the first half. After I scored the goal in the second half, I became very impatient. After that, I got in touch with several of them and crushed directly.

The third point is steady

General I am in the lead of 2 balls, the formation will be changed from 41212 (2) to 4231 or 4231 (2), the specific change which depends on the opposite do not hit the road

After replacing a physical midfielder, then put on a midfielder.

This time is the attack on the opposite side, he scraping very active, this time there will be more open to create opportunities for you.

But this time the ball is very important, so do not do that kind of stupid move by ST opposite the defense by fancy singles, or to play together, play advance.

If the opposite is the leading 2 balls, then you go one more, a fatal blow to his mentality, he basically abandoned treatment.

I usually mentally balanced the second half, if the leading words, every 10 minutes to the defense over there to increase 1 grid, 70 minutes into a defensive defense, in 80 minutes when the mentality into a big bus.

Football game is a psychological warfare, many people will deliberately provoke you, but do not put on, keep your own pace is very important.

Fourth, be familiar with your team

Some people think my words are nonsense, his team have played hundreds of games, and can not familiar with it?

This time the problem is coming

Do you know when your frontcourt player shoots vigorously at what time, when is the ball low and when does it rub?

Sometimes looking at the opponent into a few long-range rubbing shot that they have been balanced by the system

In fact, the level may be opposite the high, know this time, the player can shoot in this position.

Fifth point. Increase their offensive diversity

This is an important point

Some players will be targeted, because they only 1 ~ 2 routines, relying on this routine after mixing 1 or 2 goals, the opposite has been targeted, do not know how to attack.

For example, a sidewalk breakthrough,

A master may be directly under the top of the sharp inverted triangle,

May be a fake turn turn kickback, then looking for the ball away from the penalty area horn header

May be a fake crash emergency stop, after rubbing cut or restricted zone with

It may also be a Baba turned inside.

So encounter such an opponent you are very annoying, his sidewalk breakthrough near the end of the line, you slowdown with his defensive player or not?

You slow down, he does not slow down bottom line, down the triangle success, you are into

You do not slow down, if he rebates pass, you can not stop him pass in the header into the you can only listen to heaven

Similarly, if you are an offensive player, will not fancy, will not change, break the edge of the road will only slide the bottom triangle

Opposite guard you several times and found that you only have this kind of routines, then he will not slow down directly with you, then cut to another player blocking the ball you may be down the triangle route, you routine will not come into effect .

I often see the hair video in the tubing, they can seize the opportunity to attack, the pattern is also a lot, it is difficult to guess the next move, so I always go bad.

FIFA 18 Premier league set of putin’s hot seuss hit playmaker with 90 capacity values of xi Eva than mine

You peel your skin: I also don’t feel too good with this feeling that serie a

You peel your skin: bosses help me recommend changed the premier league outfit is not convenient to use FIFA 18 Coins

Liverpool FC: reply you skin your skin: you probably how many budget, I send you a more than 40 w mix ratio of squad

You peel your skin: reply Liverpool FC: nearly four hundred thousand

The cost-effective, if you like to play wide, can be considered. Such as price, more than 40 w can win. Wiener, udumbara position with you like the premiership cm, mustafa felix want to change to worship the DE gea, expensive. Goalkeeper too expensive can also change the other. Seuss the king of the ratio of heat, can use the change until he o, William and cary diao silk feel great.

Liverpool FC: your squad Mooy and sterling, mustafa fe completely available, Kane can be sold, is not working. According to such down 40 w firmly

Your skin your skin: thank you bosses thank you

Liverpool FC: reply you skin your skin: the advantage is that midfield is full of Hh mentality and more than 85 strength, very comfortable to play. You put in sterling, William according to wiener’s doom in mooy is ok. Play is 41212 now, I feel or have wingers to play, more like football. 4-4-2-system can change, do not affect.

Reply you peel your skin: Liverpool FC: thank you thank you are selling out

Liverpool FC: reply you skin your skin: you’re welcome, to discuss

FIFA 16 TOTW 23 Predictions Features Attacking Duo Messi and Suarez

The team of the week 23 features Barcelona’s deadly attacking duo, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. The two combine for 5 goals in Barcelona 6-1 defeat over Celta de Vigo. During the game Lionel Messi and Suarez performed an unconventional penalty kick that stunt Celta’s goalkeeper, Sergio Alvarez.

In Bundesliga Thomas Muller was the man of the hour, Bayern Munich midfielder scored once and assisted another helping Munich to win 3-1.

Over in Premier League Pedro was the man who helped his team to a 5-1 victory by netting 2 goals. Chelsea went up against Newcastle United where the blues dominated the fixture with 5 spectacular goals. Pedro’s electrifying performance placed him in this weeks starting XI.

FC Porto’s goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, was instrumental in the defeat over Benfica over the weekend. The Spanish veteran goal-stopper was able to limit Benfica to one goal as his team escaped with a 2-1 victory.

FIFA 16 Recreates Dele Alli Wonder Goal For Tottenham

Dele Alli is one of the young football players to watch right now and after his wonder goal against Crystal Palace last weekend, you can bet a lot of the top clubs in Europe are zeroing in on the young midfielder.

Popular YouTube video gamer bateson87 attempted to recreate the goal in FIFA 16, as did many other players. But he came the closest the replicate the impressive volley that shook England on Saturday.

Tootenham went on to beat Crystal Palace 3-1 in the game but it was that goal from Dele Alli that had everyone talking.

Let’s bare in mind that 19-year-old Dele Alli has a 72 ratings in FIFA 16.

Classy Iniesta Leads FIFA 16 TOTY Midfielders with 95-Rated Card

FIFA 16TOTY Midfielders

Image 003

EA Sports has just released this year’s FIFA 16 TOTY midfield ratings. This year’s FIFA 16 TOTY squad was confirmed on Monday, January 11 starting with the Goalkeeper and the Defenders and now midfielders are live on the FUT market. Will you be lucky to win one in special packs?

Every year around this time, EA Sports awards the players who have produced electrifying football by placing them in the FIFA World XI. These special blue cards will be available for 48 hours as usual, then EA will insert the TOTY Forwards for FIFA 16 into packs on Friday, January 15 at 6 PM time – going on the same schedule as last year.