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Critically acclaimed and now free-to-play, WildStar is a sci-fi MMO of epic proportions set on the mysterious planet Nexus. Blast off to a huge and amazingly vibrant world packed with unique characters, exotic locations, thrilling challenges, and dark mysteries. Experience exhilarating action combat, deep character customization, and one of the most powerful housing systems ever seen in an MMORPG as you work alongside the citizens of Nexus to solve the primordial puzzles of the universe itself.

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Holiday Event for WildStar

The Holiday event of   starts on October, it is popular galactic holiday celebrated by many races across the galaxy. There are new items, new instance, new dailies and public events waiting to experience.

According to ancient Cassian legend, the original human settlers of planet Cassus became infected with a dangerous plague soon after they made planetfall. After killing its first victim within a matter of hours, the disease spread viciously-decimating a beleaguered crew exhausted by their journey from parts unknown.

Night fell upon the settlers’ makeshift camp, and they fueled raging bonfires with bodies of the fallen. The few remaining survivors hid in their shelters, praying their respirators would save them from a horrendous death. But just when it seemed that all hope was lost, they discovered a young girl with a natural immunity, and her blood was used to create a life-saving vaccine. As dawn broke and the great bonfires burned down to ash and embers, the remaining settlers emerged into the daylight, took off their respirators, and celebrated their salvation-even as they mourned the tragic loss of their dead.    Cheap wildstar gold online

How WildStar Transformed From A Subscription MMO To Free-To-Play

Cheap wildstar gold online    When sci-fi MMO Wildstar launched as a hardcore, subscription-based massively-multiplayer-online roleplaying game in June of 2014, it had gamers and critics alike scratching their collective heads in confusion.

Here was an MMO launching in 2014 that not only hoped to reel in a sustainable subscriber base in an age of free-to-play online games, but was going to do so by emulating the complex, time-consuming MMOs of bygone years. Casual was in and hardcore was out, and WildStar-which certainly looked fun and had a great art style-was already antiquated at launch.

“Five years ago the landscape looked different,” WildStar Product Director Mike Donatelli tells me. That’s when Carbine began working on the current iteration of WildStar-the game had been in development in one form or another for much longer-and back then, at least from the developer’s perspective, the subscription model wasn’t in such dire straits.

The development team decided to build the game with a subscription model in mind, which makes sense given Carbine was founded by ex-Blizzard developers in 2005(and acquired by publisher NCSoft two years later).

Wildstar will be fully free-to-play at the end of the month

Cheap wildstar gold online   Wildstar is one of those MMOs that has managed to survive in the harsh, difficult land these games find themselves competing over. But like many others subscriptions just aren’t doing it anymore, prompting developers Carbine Studios to announce the transformation to Free-to-Play back in May. It’s been a slow process too, but Wildstar is finally ready to shed its paying ski, and soon too.

Wildstar will fully go free-to-play at the end of this month, on September 29th to be exact. All accounts that have a paying subscription on them will be converted to Signature accounts-which bestow upon you some extra goodies for paying and support the game since launch. Signature status can be maintained if you continue paying too, with all the details about what you get over normal, free accounts documented in full over here.

Inactive or otherwise non-paying accounts will be converted to Free status, which really just strips away some added benefits like Auction House slots and Currency earning rates. The game itself is completely open, with Carbine not wanting to lock free players out of content that still paying ones would have access to. Expansion in the future might require a little bit of an investment, but for now there’s nothing stopping players from enjoying Wildstar for absolutely nothing.

And that’s part of the reason why the free-to-play model has worked to revive so many other MMOs before, with DC Universe being a prime example. Offering some smaller in-game purchases and functionality for truly dedicated players keeps some money rolling in, but at least the barrier for entry doesn’t exist anymore.

Hell, I might even give it a go again-with my fond memories of being a space cowboy still fresh from the last time I embarked on Wildstar’s unique look at MMOs. It’s really good stuff, made by a talented team of developers-it’s just a pity they released what would have undoubtedly been 2005’s best MMO in 2014.

WildStar’s free-to-play closed beta is live and ready for sign-ups

Did you hear the news? WildStar is scrapping subscriptions and going free-to-play this fall. Before we get there though, there’s a closed beta, and that’s going on right now. It’s time to sign yourself up.

The closed beta is only available for those with WildStar account who are opted in for a beta key. There’s still time to sign up, but best hurry before those gates slam shut. You can provide your details here if you don’t have a WildStar account already.

As ever with betas, it’s a test environment so don’t expect the smoothest of rides, but Carbine are looking for all kinds of feedback on how the newly reinvented WildStar is doing. Obviously a lot of it will be familiar if you’ve played the game in its subscription form, but you’ll be able to investigate the new cosmetics store and get your head around the OmniBit currency. There’s also the revamped character stats to take a look at, and the newly streamlined dungeons. You can read the full feature set over at the WildStar forums.

Our Jeremy recently had a chat with Carbine to find out exactly how they plan on fixing WildStar for the new free-to-play landscape.   Best Wildstar Gold Online

WildStar has officially gone gold

During today’s PAX East panel today–“WildStar:Just Got Real”–Carbine Studios announced that their highly anticipated MMO WildStar has gone gold. That means, production on the base game is complete.

Of course, with WildStar being an MMO, development is never completely finished–it just means now the studio gets to work on future content. In fact, we were told by Carbine Studios executive producer Jeremy Gaffney that the studio is already working on 16 different content updates for the game, much of which I expect is end game content. During the panel, Carbine showed off some new elder game (end game) content, which we’ll be posting about shortly.

WildStar is set to release on June 30 for PC.-Cheap wildstar gold online

WildStar learns it’s 2015, transitions to free-to-play model

A few weeks ago, we reported that WildStar, the MMO from Korean publisher NCSOFT, could be going free-to-play. This fall, this will become a reality, as the development team announced a plan to transition the game to a subscription-free model that has quickly become the standard for the massively multiplayer online genre.

While no exact date has been given yet for the move to free-to-play, not only will the subscription be dropped, but the base game will also be available for free instead of the current $20. In place of these revenue streams, WildStar will offer microtransactions in the form of “player services, convenience options, and cosmetic offerings.”
Those who already have recurring payment set up on their accounts or have a pre-paid Game Time Card will be grandfathered into the WildStar “Signature service.” Signature service payments will function similarly to the current mandatory subscription, but paying players will receive extra bonuses, including extra Auction House bids, a higher currency earning rate, and extra XP.

Longtime subscribers-those who have continued to pay from the game’s launch until its move to free-to-play-will also receive a special set of rewards, including four free months of Signature service, a new decor item, a new pet, and the titles “Living Legend” and “Nexus Loyalist.”

Even if you don’t plan to subscribe to the game, anyone who purchases WildStar before the transition will receive special benefits designed to “retain an experience that most closely matches that of the launch game.” While free players will only receive two character slots, purchasers will receive 12, for example.

Although WildStar will now be completely playable without paying a dime, NCSOFT is stressing that this could change in the future with the inclusion of possible paid expansion packs. However, all updates for the core game will be offered free to all players going forward.

WildStar will go free-to-play this fall, Carbine committed to “ensuring it will remain AAA”

As the transition takes place, Carbine Studios said it will remain committed to “ensuring that WildStar will remain AAA,” by offering polished regular updates and a high-quality experience.

According to a PC Gamer interview with the studio’s Mike Donatelli, once the MMO goes F2P, new currencies will be added to Cred, Gold and convenience tokens. Cosmetic and convenience items will be made available through Omnibits or an upcoming real-money currency.

The items one would pay real money for can be acquired in-game, so players will not be forced to spend anything of they don’t wish.

A loyalty program will be offered to those who continue to pay for a subscription. The program provides the player with “loyalty currency” which can be used in a loyalty store, per PC Gamer. Other free in-game rewards will also be on offer for subs when WildStar changes to F2P.

Over the next several months, the studio will share more details on the transition and more details on the significant improvements coming to the game.