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Popular Guild Wars 2 Team Suck at Love Banned for Hacking

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Welp! It seems like even the most popular folks aren’t the cleanest. The much renowned Guild Wars 2 YouTuber team
Suck at Love have been banned by ArenaNet for hacking.

The team is well known for its music videos created for Guild Wars 2. The team was banned for map hacking, in which
they were able to access 29 map points in less than a minute.

This, according to ArenaNet, is simply not possible without the use of hacking programs that would violate the User
Agreement and Rules of Conduct of the game.

As expected, Suck at Love posted a video to claim their innocence, but it was taken down on YouTube. A thread on
the Guild Wars 2 forum is also regarding the matter,in which ArenaNet has replied to players’questions with the
following statement:

“Customer Support has carefully reviewed the data that resulted in the termination of the game account in question.
They verified that this account accessed 29 map points in under 60 seconds. It is not possible to accomplish this
without the use of a third-party program, the kind of program that is expressly forbidden by our User Agreement and
our Rules of Conduct. Because of these facts, the account termination will not be reversed.”

Looks like Suck at Love also sucked at obeying rules. Remember folks, cheating isn’t cool, especially in multiplayer games.

Guild Wars 2 Spirit Vale raid is live

The “initial wing” of the first Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns raid is up and running. It’s a ten-player adventure called Spirit Vale that has you chasing a missing Pact squad in the north of the new jungle area of Maguuma. There will be “dark secrets” and “strange magic” and, if I had to guess, an enormous tree monster boss or two .

It’s a chance for Guild Wars 2 players to judge Arenanet’s new squad UI, and there are legendary rewards to be won, eventually. Successful raids will “start you down the path to gathering the components you’ll need to build legendary armour”. Legendary items are hard to get in Guild Wars 2. The expansion has reshaped progression to incorporate top-tier guild crafting into the Mastery system. The Scholar of Secrets mastery is needed before you can start working towards the new legendary axe, pistol and staff.

A big patch accompanies the release of the raid which details the properties of the new enhanced squad UI, as well as bug and balance fixes. You can find the patch notes on the Guild Wars 2 forums.

My Asura necromancer is too busy getting crushed by the denizens of the Tangled Depths to even consider the raid just yet. It’s a good expansion, though, as Phil noted in our Heart of Thorns review.

Guild Wars 2 Gets Its Own Esports League

Best Mmo site Online   As of this morning, ArenaNet has become the latest game developer to throw their hat into the esports ring in a serious way.

ArenaNet has partnered with Electronic Sports League to produce the ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League, which will offer $400,000 in prize money over two seven week seasons. The announcement has been timed to create hype about Guild Wars 2 right before the game’s first expansion, Heart of Thorns, drops on October 23. ArenaNet made the base game of Guild Wars 2 free to play in August, which has brought a wave of new players.

“Since the base game has gone free, we’ve seen a huge influx of audiences from countries like Brazil, Poland, Russia, Spain, and Turkey,” said John Corpening, the competitive game director for Guild Wars 2. “That obviously feeds the system for PVP.”

Which brings us back to the announced pro league. ArenaNet believes that creating a PVP scene with hefty cash incentives is an effective way to grow the player base and increase time spent in the game.

‘Guild Wars 2’ News: Now Free-To-Play, Paid Expansion Coming in October

“Guild Wars 2,” the massively multiplayer online role playing game developed by ArenaNet is now free-to-play. According to an announcement on the game’s website, anyone interested in playing the game for the first time can now download the game for free and play starting August 29.

The announcement clarified that it is the core game that is available for free and that players have to sign up for free accounts in order to play. Free accounts, so as to distinguish them from other types of accounts, have fewer slots for characters and bags and also have restrictions when it comes to interacting with other players through chat. Players with free accounts are also restricted to proceeding to other zones in the game through a series of level caps. According to the announcement, these measures will hopefully discourage cheaters among the newbies, as well as protect veteran players.

Players with free accounts will however get the whole paid core game and much more if they end up purchasing the upcoming paid expansion called “Heart of Thorns.” Those who want to remain playing for free however can still do so, but the developer expressed confidence that whoever starts playing the game will want to pay for additional content.

“Heart of Thorns” is arriving on October 23, 2015 and it is expected to bring a lot of end-game content which includes Masteries, Fractals and Stronghold. The Mastery system that will be introduced by the expansion is described “as a new approach to endgame progression” and is especially targeted for veteran players who have reached level 80. According to the website, it also intends to “widen the gap between new and veteran players.” The expansion is also expected to bring “challenging group content” through its raids.

This is the first expansion pack released for the game since it was released in 2012. Since its release, the game has sold over 5 million copies.  Best Mmo site Online