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WoW: Latest Dungeon Puts Players on A Ghost Ship

World of Warcraft: Legion, the upcoming expansion is currently in the alpha testing phase. New content is added to the alpha all the time for players to dive in and try out.

It’s called Maw of Souls, and it takes place on a massive ship that is navigating the Vyrkul afterlife. Players start on land before being transported to the hull of the Vyrkul ship known as the Naglfar. It’s filled with all the typical World of Warcraft goodness: there are numerous boss battles, plenty of trash mobs and loot to be had.

However, the final boss isn’t something you see every day. Once players reach the end, a massive kraken woman appears and starts destroying the ship with her tentacles. It’s a drawn-out fight and a hectic-looking one at that, but it sure does look cool.

Although the dungeon only went live on the game’s alpha build last night, more than a few players have already completed it and uploaded videos for all to see.

Of course, the entire dungeon is subject to change in the upcoming months as Blizzard prepares Legion for release. The expansion doesn’t yet have a release date, but it is expected to launch sometime in the summer of 2016.

This Is World of Warcraft’s Monumental New Expansion

You’re going toe to toe with the Burning Legion in the next expansion, World of Warcraft wonks. On a mammoth green-backlit stage, wearing black button-ups with arcane symbology, Blizzard’s creative leads unveiled the studio’s sixth expansion to its 11-year-old online fantasy opus in Cologne.

It’s called World of Warcraft: Legion, and the usual expansion upticks apply: a 10 level character ceiling bump to 110 (and the option to boost one character to level 100), the obligatory new dungeons, raids and world bosses, overhauled PvP progression, new “artifact” weapons (36 total, one for each specialization, customizable, and they get more powerful as you do), class order halls, a new mobility-focused hero class (Demon Hunter, can glide-attack and double-jump, ) and a new continent to explore.

Blizzard says that continent, dubbed the Broken Isles and extant in the lore, lies at the heart of Azeroth, calling it a “long forgotten graveyard continent” and “formerly a bustling Night Elves civilization.” It’s draw is the tomb of Sargeras, another throwback lore point harboring the well-known creator/leader of the Burning Crusade, last seen in a convoluted flashback circa Blizzard’s pre-World of Warcraft real-time strategy entry Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Sargeras’s tomb is apparently an active gateway to endless legion worlds, a demonic invasion Blizzard described as bigger than the War of the Ancients, and “the biggest demonic invasion of Azeroth ever.”

The studio also highlighted what it called a bridging cinematic (video below), linking the last expansion, Warlords of Draenor, to Legion. In it, you can see Gul’dar (the hooded orc) exploring the tomb and unearthing Sargeras himself, locked in that giant semi-translucent block of green.

World of Warcraft subscriptions have fallen dramatically over the past few years, most recently dropping from 7.1 million to 5.6 million players. In a recent earnings call, Activision said the game is still the top subscription-based title in the world. Buy  Wow gold cheaper

New World of Warcraft expansion premieres Thursday

While Blizzard are hosting a press conference this Wednesday in Cologne (at noon local time), that particular press conference will not be livestreamed (as far as we know).

The big reveal, the new World of Warcraft expansion, will however be premiered and livestream on Thursday (the first public day of the show) at 17:00 BST (18:00 CET).

Blizzard (as per usual) have a rather massive stage schedule with cosplay competitions, tournaments and panels planned for the show-and you can check the details over on Blizzard’s Gamescom site. Hopefully we’ll have the livestream available here on the Gamereactor Live page on Thursday. At least we aim to have it. -Best wow gold online

World Of Warcraft PlayStation 4 Mod Looks Fierce

While Blizzard’s Diablo 3 is pretty much the only game from the company that you can play on console at the moment, it has not stopped fans of the company from creating console mods to show their love for Blizzard’s other franchises. Recently the folks at Jriquelme Mods were commissioned to create a World of Warcraft themed mod for the PlayStation 4 and boy does it look good.

As you can see in the photos, this PS4 mod looks very, very fierce. It has obviously been commissioned by a player of the Horde faction given the logo placed on the console. It has also been themed to look like Orgrimmar, the main capital city for the Horde, thanks to the use wood, iron, spikes, and chains, all of which have been incorporated into the design.

Now we’re not sure how the mod might have affected the cooling system of the PS4, but presumably that has been taken into account (we hope), but other than that it looks pretty awesome. Like we said this is a commissioned piece so if you wanted something similar, you’d have to get one commissioned yourself since there won’t be other units available for sale.

If you’d like to get one done for your console, whether it be a Warcraft-themed console or maybe something entirely different, head on over to Jriquelme Mods’ Facebook page to get in touch with them.-wow PS4 online